Matti Saukkoriipi

Digital Work Experience:
"Håkan Bråkan & Josef" - Feature film
2004 - Fido Film

"Estrella" - Commercial spot for Danish TV
2004 - Fido Film

"Hultsfred Butterfly" - Hultsfred Festival Spot
2004 & 2003 - Musiclink/Hultsfred.TV
Everything, including compositing and sound editing

"Hultsfred.TV" - Webpublishing of the Hultsfred Festival
2002 - Musiclink/Hultsfred.TV
Nonlinear editing of various concerts and reports

"Video Diary for the Swedish band David & the Citizens"
2002 - David & the Citizens
Nonlinear editing

"Pink Evening" - Music video for David & the Citizens
2001 - Adrian Records
Everything, together with Kalle Midholm

2002-2004: SOFE - School Of Future Entertainment, KY Karlshamn
DMD - Digital Mediadistribution, KY Hultsfred
Music Management, University of Kalmar

Main tools of trade:
Alias Maya for 3D, Adobe Photoshop for images and Adobe After Effects for compositing, although I've got some experience with node-based compositing programs such as Digital Fusion and Shake.

About me:
I was born in 1980 in Haparanda, Sweden. The town is a little spot far up in the north next to the Finnish border, which explains my bilingual upbringing.

A serious interest for computers and video editing began during my studies at DMD, Hultsfred. After my degree from DMD I went on studying an advanced course in 3D graphics and animation at SOFE in Karlshamn. The education was mainly focused on the Maya platform. During the spring 2004 I did my internship at Fido Film, located in Stockholm. There I had the chance, amongst others, to do some animation on the tortoise Josef, Swedens first photo-realistic CG character in a feature film.

Besides character animation, where I think my talent lies, I also have a big interest in 2D compositing. In my spare time at SOFE and later I've studied the fundamentals of compositing in depth and I'm very keen on getting a chance to develop myself within that field.

Throughout my teenage years I devoted a lot of time to music, both listening and playing. I've played in various constellations of bands, playing gigs in Sweden, Finland as well as Russia. Creating, performing and listening to music have always been something that I kept very close to my heart. My passion and knowledge about music has helped me many times in my present work with 3D and compositing. The great emotional effect it has on people is truly something that I try to capture and utilize when I’m working with film and animations.