-girls on drugs 4:23 min (4.0mb)
-the last way 4:20 min (4.0mb)
-truth, 22 pistepirkko remix 3:58 min (3.6mb)
All these songs were made on my dad’s old computer with SoundForge and a really old version of Fruity Loops. I didn’t even have any sensible output source, just had to rely on the speakers that came with the computer. Nothing I recommend to others.


-redrum 5:51 min (4.8mb)
This old song was performed and recorded on a 16 channels analog mixing console by me and two friends. Mainly we were just trying out some new ideas as well as having a great deal of fun.


-i am neverending 3:25 min (3.1mb)
-stripebound 4:11 min (3.8mb)
-meth 3:42 min (3.4mb)
-november 15th 3:45 min (3.4mb)
Soulshades was a former band that I played with up in the north Sweden. All these songs are taken from the EP “overdrived as hell” that I recorded, mixed and produced as a school project under a very short span of time. I was going for a really brutal and heavy soundscape and at the same time somewhat unique. Recorded in the same studio as the song "redrum" above.