Here's my animation reel for 2005. It's mostly character animation but there are some shots of a more abstract style of animation. If your company finds my work interesting, please don't hesitate to take contact.
I wanted to make an ambient and stylistic film focusing mainly on animation in the compositing stage. I also wanted to try out the importing of camera animation/data from Maya to After Effects and some scripting in AE. Here's a view of the flowchart from the AE project. Everything visual done by me, music by Boards of Canada. Read more
A clip from Swedens first feature film with a photo realistic CG character. I'm responsible for the animation in this shot, everything else done by Fido Film. It's Håkan Bråkan's birthday and he's expecting to get a little puppy as a present, but instead he gets this smart Alec for a tortoise...
Once again I had the opportunity to do a couple of animation for HULTSFRED.TV. This time they were broadcasted on giant screens on the festival area too. At the same time I gave the butterfly a completely new and a much more improved animation rig.
So... What else do you do on a festival other than listen to music and get drunk? You fall in love, of course! Due to a severe hard drive failure I only had one day to animate, render, composite and do all the sound editing. Well, I guess that's what the whole business is like, tight deadlines and late nights.
These 4 Estrella animations were done during my time at Fido Film. The commercial spots were made for specific programs aired in Denmark. This one was for the Friday night's movie, slighly inspired by Gene Kelly. Character modeling, rigging and animation is done by me as well as the compositing. In this clip I made the props too.
This animation was for a program called Bluff, which basicelly is a hidden camera show with lots of pranks. Character modeling, rigging and animation were done by me as well as the compositing.
This is an outro that was aired after every TV program sponsored by Estrella. The Estrella star takes a bow for the cheering audience. Once again, character modeling, rigging and animation done by me as well as the compositing.
This clip was aired in relation with the show Fab 5, also known as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. As mentioned above, character modeling, rigging and animation done by me as well as the compositing.
This is just a simple walk cycle. I was going for a little more cartoon feeling in the motion rather than a realistic one, but still keeping it clean. Iíve also done a little bit of compositing work on this clip.
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This was a non commercial job I did for the website HULTSFRED.TV that is managed by Musiclink in Hultsfred. This is the official broadcast site for Sweden’s largest music festival, "Hultsfredsfestivalen". My job was to create a couple of animation clips with the butterfly from the festival’s logo as the main character. I had a 6 weeks deadline to complete the project from...  Read more
Look at the butterfly go bang his little head to ear shredding, bone crushing metal. In the beginning the idea was to use a song by Turbonegro. But due to lack of time to fix all the legal stuff I ended up using music from my own old band, soulshades.
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The butterfly is doing what most people like to do on a music festival. Heís taking it cool with a beer in his hand and some sweet rhythm pumping out from the speakers.
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Another typical scene at a music festival. This was the first one of the three clips that I did. I was never really pleased with the way that the animation turned out to look. I intended to fix it up later but unfortunately I ran out of time and never got the opportunity to do it.
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The idea behind this school project was to give us an introduction to create SFX for live footage. The director, cameraman and the actors were professionals hired for the occasion. We were 5 persons in our group and my job was to do the backdrop, color correction, all compositing except for the chromakey and some of the...  Read more
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This is a clip from the animation for the backdrop seen in the film above, The Great Escape. The lightning was quite time consuming to do since I had to re-render every time I wanted any feedback on my tweaking of it. Observe that the clouds actually are moving. All done in Maya.
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In late 2001 me and my friend, Kalle Midholm, got to do a music video for the Swedish band David & the Citizens.
We had a tight deadline on only 3 days since it was going to be aired on national TV a couple of days later. With no budget and Adobeís Premiere as our only tool we came up with this.
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